Horror Unimaginable


Today we forgot we were black and white, yellow and red.
Today we forgot we were Jew and Christian and Muslim.
Today we forgot we were rich and poor, players and pawns.
Today you reminded us we were Americans.
Tomorrow we'll show you what that means.
September 11, 2001


A Prayer for America
America Will Never Forget
Eno's Page to All the Rescue Personnel
Just Say Give
Red Cross Homepage
Tribute to Victims and Families of the WTC
We Are A Family Wishing Peace on Earth
WTC Memorial Page

Sept 11, 9AM
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The pictures on the left were taken from Central Park.  The pictures on the right were taken by the Empire State Building Tower Cam.  These are all thumbnails - click on them to see them full size. 
The face of the devil?Here is a very eerie picture - is that the face of the devil in the smoke?


Click here for a panoramic view of the WTC - before.  

ATTACKS_TRADE_CENTER_NYR107_20010918132905.jpg (23952 bytes)The new skyline of NYC (click on the thumbnail) -->>