Police Officer's Honor Quilt

  Police Officers Honor Quilt

(click here to see the finished quilt) I've sat here all week and watched and cried at the tragedy that has  befallen my country. There are no words left to say and as many  people have risen to the call for help, here I sat wondering what, if  anything, I could do from home. I can sew!

I've made blocks for the WTC Memorial quilt, the Firefighter's  Memorial quilt, and feverishly tried to finish bindings on small  quilts to be donated through Wrap Them In Love

Many of you know, I am married to a police officer. Now, I have  something once again to ask of you all. In the aftermath of this  great rescue effort, the police officers are not being recognized.  I'd like to make a Police Officer's Honor Quilt to be given to  the Justice Department for displaying. The wheels are already in the  works for the finished product to be turned over to the Justice  Department, but I need volunteers to help make the blocks.

This quilt will not only recognize the police officers that gave the  ultimate sacrifice, it will also honor those that have continued to  give by clearing and cleaning the debris in an effort to locate  survivors and victims.

I want to have a block for each police officer with their name in the  center. For those that did not survive, the center name block will  be  surrounded by a black laurel. The laurel will be aded when the name  is  written on the block.

The blocks should be 6" (6.5" unfinished), any pattern. There are a  few restrictions: Only use 100% cotton. Use red, white and blue  fabrics. There needs to be a place about 2" square in the center to  contain the name of the officer.

So fellow quilters, once again I am asking you to step up to the  plate  ( er.. sewing machine). I have already lined up friends to help sew  the blocks together and assemble the quilt. If possible, could you  please make a few blocks and send them to me. It will take hundreds  of blocks to complete this huge undertaking, so feel free to make  several and invite anyone on any other lists you are connected with  to  participate too. Together we can do this.

Please do not sign the block.  Anyone wanting their name included may include a signature square (3" finished" to be used on the backing.

Blocks should be sent to : 

Police Officer's Honor Quilt 
c/o R.L. Mumford 
39 South Bolton Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN 46219 USA

Thank you for your help.

My love to all of you and prayers too. hugs, Becky

The quilt was finished for Sept 11, 2002

police_quilt.jpg (259026 bytes)  Click on this thumbnail to see it up close