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American Folk Art Quilts
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click on the thumbnail to see this up closeThe American Quilt : A History of Cloth and Comfort 1750-1950
This re-issued and updated book is a celebration of the quilt which features more than 250 full-color photographs and a text that shows readers how to examine fabrics, dyes, patterns, and other clues in order to place quilts in their social and cultural context.  Click on the title for more information.
American Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007


quilt bookAmerican Quilts in the Modern Age, 1870-1940: The International Quilt Study Center Collections



quilt bookAmerican Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007
Click on the title to orderCarrie Hall Blocks: Over 800 Historical Patterns from the College of the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas.  Carrie Hall, an early 20th-century Kansas quiltmaker, set out to preserve America's quiltmaking heritage by collecting every known patchwork pattern and piecing one cloth block for every pattern.  Made between 1900 and 1935 and now housed in the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas, these blocks are a rich source of information for quilters, quilt historians, and quilt collectors. In compiling Carrie Hall's Blocks, Havig has made Hall's collection accessible to the modern quilter.Click on the title for more information.
Chintz: Indian Textiles for the West

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clues.jpg (15399 bytes)Clues in the Calico

The bible of quilt dating.  Click on the title to order.

click on the title to order Dating Fabrics : A Color Guide 1800-1960   Improved before it was even released, this book now has 205 pages showing over 1,000 color swatches to help you recognize, identify and date vintage American fabrics as used in quilts and clothing.  This pocket size book (5 1/2" X 8 1/2) book is priced at $17.47 (30% off )  Click on the title to order.  
quilt book Fabulous Feedsack Quilts
click on the title to orderFacts and Fabrications; Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery by Barbara Brackman

9 Projects, 20 Blocks, First Person Accounts.  Available December 2006.  Retail $27.95.  Click on the title for more information.

quilt book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: Letters from 1920s Farm Wives and the 111 Blocks They Inspired
Feedsack Secrets: Fashion from Hard Times
The poverty of the Depression and fabric shortages during World War II made feedsacks highly important to the quilter during the 1930s and 1940s. In Feedsack Secrets, quilt historian Gloria Nixon shares her research through tens of thousands of pages of old farm periodicals, magazines and newspapers as she explains the story of the patterned feedsack. There are fascinating tidbits along the way: Women met for sack-and-snack-club fabric swaps. There were restrictions on jacket lengths, hem depths and the sweep of a skirt. Feedsack prints and bags played a part in political contests, even accurately predicting that Truman would win the 1948 presidential election. One feed-company promotion was a contest for the best-dressed chicken. Nixon's Feedsack Secrets is a colorful, fun and fascinating ride through a great period of American fabric history.  Click on the title to order.
Going West: Quilts in Community

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quilt book Gone to Texas: Quilts from a Pioneer Woman's Journal
quilt book Hawaiian Applique
quilt book Martha Mitchell of Possum Walk Road: Texas Quiltmaker
quilt book On the Cutting Edge: Textile Collectors, Collections, and TraditionPatchwork Souvenirs of the 1933 World's Fair


quilt book Quilting News of Yesteryear: 1,000 Pieces and Counting
The Quilt: A History and Celebration of an American Art Form. 

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Quilts of the Oregon TrailQuilts of the Oregon Trail

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The Quilt that walked to GoldenThe Quilt that Walked to Golden

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quilt book Quilts 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
click on the thumbnail to see this up close "Quilting News of Yesteryear: A Thousand Pieces and Counting" is a hard cover book featuring over three hundred newspaper articles about quilts dating from 1834 to 1934. The subject is quilts made with thousands of pieces. The news articles are complimented with quilts from the same time periods. Nearly each page shows close-ups of quilts. This first book in the series of quilting news of yesteryear, provides for primary and secondary sources for quiltmaking spanning one hundred years. It will be a valuable reference for all of us studying quilt history, women's history and textile history.  Click on the title for more information.
Crazy as a BedbugQuilting News of Yesteryear: Crazy as a Bed Bug
From the early 1880s through the second quarter of the twentieth century, American women made crazy quilts in colossal numbers. The velvets, satins, silks, wools and cottons of the crazy quilt era reflect abundance in the economy of the society-at-large. Just as they filled their scrapbook albums with trade cards, calling cards, photos and memorabilia, crazy quilt makers embellished their quilts with their most favorite things.

The result was newsworthy...literally. Newspapers picked up on the accomplishments of these talented women and shared them with their communities. This new book contains over 200 newspaper articles dating from 1880 to 1945, that trace crazy quilt patterns and articles in women’s magazines and pamphlets.
The fascinating text is illustrated with quilts that are contemporary to the source articles. All of the pictures are close-ups, showing intricate piecing and extensive embellishment.
This unusual book enriches the history and appreciation of the quilt as art.  Click on the title to order.

click on the picture thumbnail to see it up closeQuilts in a Material World: from the Winterthur

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Salt Lake City 14th Ward Album QuiltThe Salt Lake City 14Th Ward Album Quilt, 1857

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Southern Quilts: Surviving Relics of the Civil War


quilt book Sugar Sack Quilts: 12 Quilts Using Vintage Or Reproduction Fabrics

Textiles in America.  The book offers an overview of textiles in America, based on years of research, that is unmatched in scope. Imported textiles played a central role in the lives of American colonists. The most-imported commodity, and a highly valued one, textiles were used for bedding, bed curtains, clothing, household linens, window curtains, upholstery, and floor covering. This book illustrates samples from collections around the world, as well as drawings and engravings of the time. Its dictionary-style entries depict the myriad household uses for textiles in the period. Drawing on original documents, prints, paintings, commercial records, merchant papers, advertisements, and pattern books, Textiles in America 1650-1870 is a comprehensive resource and a treasure trove of scholarship. 117 color, 225 black-and-white illustrations.  Click n the title to order.

quilt book Vintage Feed Sacks: Fabric from the Farm (Schiffer Books)
quilt book World War II Quilts

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